Company Details

Natural, Healthy, Organic Options for Gamers

LevelUp Foods was created to provide Gamers a better choice in eating and drinking to help them play AND feel great! Our products will never have artificial ingredients or colors, and our selection will continue to grow with the newest and best products for you!
- George -
Health food enthusiast. Mountain bike rider. Avid Twitch streamer: Guaranteed non-flawless Trials carries. Professional kill stealer. With a degree in nutrition, making sure you are eating healthy is George’s passion. He wants to bring the twitch community a tasty, good for your body, alternative to the junk food that is advertised to gamers. Eating right and taking care of your body doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste and the convenience of a quick drink or snack.
- Noah - 
“If it ain’t broke, fix it anyways.” Runner. Top 1% in assisting for George’s kills. If you need something optimized he is your contact. He makes sure the loadouts are prefect and the system is smooth. With George, he makes up the 2nd half of LevelUp Foods.

- David -
Long time Mountain biker and bicycle mechanic David has always been into tasty high quality food and healthy living. Been into gaming since Nintendo and never stopped. Currently playing Destiny and lurking twitch channels.
He puts the things on shelves then takes them off the shelves and lovingly stuffs them into the boxes. Then he puts said boxes into the magical world wide package retrieval system so they will show up at your doorstep. Hopefully the chanting and pentagrams on the floor keep your packages safe and fresh in shipping.